The Algarve is the most southern and most touristic province of Portugal. The distance from east to west amounts only 200 kilometers and from north to south the distance is only 50 kilometers. Because of this it is possible to enjoy everything the whole Algarve has to offer during your holiday. There is a large variety in the landscape. Along the coast you can find nature areas with rocks, dunes and swamps. Large parts of the Algarve remained, despite of the increasing tourism, in their traditional state. The countryside is hilly.

Rock-Algarve (Barlovento)
The western part of the Algarve, from Cabo de Saõ Vincente to just before Faro, is named Rock-Algarve because of the beautiful steep coastline. There are many small intimate bays en beaches with fine sand. Most tourists visit this part of the Algarve.

Sand-Algarve (Sotavento)
From Faro till the boundary river Guadiana in the east the coastal area exists of small islands, sand banks and lagoons. There are extensive sandy beaches and dunes. When the lagoons fall dry during tide, the landscape looks a little like the Dutch Shallows. In contrary to the Rock-Algarve the mass tourism (luckily) has not reached this area yet and the atmosphere is typically Portuguese.

Besides sun, sea and beautiful beaches the Algarve has also interesting old towns, a quit and peaceful hinterland for walkers and bikers, golf courts but also leisure parks. In a word, a lot of possibilities for a wonderful vacation.

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