Ria Formosa

Parque Natural da Ria Formosa is a natural park of 270 km2 which stretches itself from Quinta do Lago to just before Monte Gordo. The west is bordered by the peninsula Ancão and in the east by the peninsula of Manta Rota (Cacela Velha). Five very small islands, Barreta, Culatra, Armona, Tavira and Cabanas, which are in line with the coast, form a barrier between the coast and the ocean. The island Armona is situated in front of Fuseta. The water at the coast side is calm where canals meander through the sand banks. Due to the openings between the islands, the tides are well noticed in the lagoons. The forms of the islands change constantly under the influence of the sea and the wind. There are beautiful, long beaches. The natural park is a shelter for migratory birds from Northern Europe. They hibernate in the natural park or make a stopover on their way to Africa. There are several possibilities to make boat tours in the Ria Formosa. You can also make nice walks or go biking through the Ria Formosa. From our house you can admire regularly the flamingos in the salt pans.

Ria Formosa Flamingos in Ria Formosa Ria Formosa by night Ria Formosa

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